about pic-2

Let me introduce myself. My name is Joyce and I was born in 1987. I live in the southern province
of The Netherlands called Limburg. I have 2 sweet cats named Bibi and Strauss and I LOVE
pretzels. I have been drawing and crafting all my life (at least for as long as I can remember
myself). I especially love creating fantasy themed art like dragons, unicorns, elves and a lot of
other fantasy creatures. I just love to turn those fantasy drawings into reality by making costumes.
Aside from creating fantasy costumes. I also love to remake excisting characters as a Cosplay.
After High-school I spent a year developing my creativity at the Art School in Arnhem. I decided I
wanted to do something with nature and went to study Forest and Nature Management. However,
the creative spirit in me never left my side. So today I make my own custom and handmade
products under the brand name “Pretzl”. Think about awesome hats, bandana scarves or hooded
shrugs inspired by your favorite character or fantasy themed. For the non wearables I make
Custom design pillow cases or Custom designed dolls like my little pony fan-art dolls.

If YOU like to have something specific you can always contact me or fill in the contact form,
because I make special orders for special people ♥ . Just know, everything I make is made with a
lot of love and is made for you.