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Thank you for visiting my page! If you are looking to work together, have sponsorship proposals or if you are a convention that wants to invite me to their event, then please either send me an e-mail via or send me a PM on this page. I will answer as soon as I can! I always love to be part of conventions so I would love to receive your invites :) I love to travel around the globe and meet fans and inspire them to create awesome costumes. I can also host panels about cosplay (in Dutch and English), judge cosplay contests, do QandA panels, do interviews, promote your event on my social media pages (Instagram 31K followers, Facebook 20K followers), do signing sessions, bring prints and books, be a walking act wearing my costumes and much more! Just ask me for the conditions ;) If you are looking to get a Costume Design, please send me a PM on this page and we will work it out! I love to design costumes so bring it on :) Curious to see my work on other parts of the interwebs? Here you can find my Instagram: My homepage: My Etsy store: If you want to send me something (My birthday is the 28th of october *hint hint* haha) then you can use this address: Pretzl Cosplay Keurenplein 41 Box A1512 1069CD Amsterdam Netherlands If you are curious what I love then check out my Amazon wishlist here: LOL of course you don't have to send stuff, but if you want to, it's good to know it's possible :) I am so thrilled to receive your package :D Don't forget to write your name on it if you don't want to be an anonymous giver ;) I will try to open as many as I can during my livestreams at I stream 3 times a week, at monday, wednesday and friday around 2/3 PM (CEST) Thank you <3
Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplayFriday, January 19th, 2018 at 1:25am
Some time ago I made Xayah and Rakan hoodies as commissions :) I really loved how they turned out :D Don't you just love the sassy bird couple?
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Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplayTuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 11:00pm
Little helper!!! Cats are the best helpers :)
Pretzl Cosplay
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Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplayTuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 2:12am
Ahhh look what arrived!!! Shoes for my Dragonmaid Tohru cosplay and a Hufflepuff house scarf from Cosplaysky Kostüm !! I'm so happy :3 Thank you Cosplaysky for these cool items :) I'm really happy with the quality of the items. The scarf looks and feels really nice and the shoes fit perfectly and are actually comfy too. It's really cool to know that you can actually get cosplay items online. If you don't want to make every single costume part or don't know how to, then is certainly a good shop to look at :) I will make the rest of Tohru's outfit myself, but I couldn't find the right shoes until I saw these 😊 I'm gonna be a cute Dragonmaid! 😄😄😄
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Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplaySaturday, January 13th, 2018 at 12:01am
Stream is early today because I have to leave earlier 🙊 So come and join now!
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Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplayThursday, January 11th, 2018 at 11:00pm
Aloy is complete now :D Together with her spear she will find out what happened to the world.

I'm still playing Horizon Zero Dawn and I'm doing my very best to complete all side quests and collect all items before I end the main storyline :3 I just don't want it to end :(

Soon I can wear my Aloy again to an event! That will be DreamHack Germany! I can't wait to be there and meet all the amazing cosplayers :3

If you are wondering what I used to make the spear; it's a base of a pvc pipe and EVA foam (CosplayClues). Then it's covered with Worbla's Pearly Art (Cast4Art). Then all the details where made with Worbla! If you want to learn more about creating details with Worbla, then be sure to check out my (E-)books ;)
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