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Thank you for visiting my page! If you are looking to work together, have sponsorship proposals or if you are a convention that wants to invite me to their event, then please either send me an e-mail via or send me a PM on this page. I will answer as soon as I can! I always love to be part of conventions so I would love to receive your invites :) I love to travel around the globe and meet fans and inspire them to create awesome costumes. I can also host panels about cosplay (in Dutch and English), judge cosplay contests, do QandA panels, do interviews, promote your event on my social media pages (Instagram 31K followers, Facebook 20K followers), do signing sessions, bring prints and books, be a walking act wearing my costumes and much more! Just ask me for the conditions ;) If you are looking to get a Costume Design, please send me a PM on this page and we will work it out! I love to design costumes so bring it on :) Curious to see my work on other parts of the interwebs? Here you can find my Instagram: My homepage: My Etsy store: If you want to send me something (My birthday is the 28th of october *hint hint* haha) then you can use this address: Pretzl Cosplay Keurenplein 41 Box A1512 1069CD Amsterdam Netherlands If you are curious what I love then check out my Amazon wishlist here: LOL of course you don't have to send stuff, but if you want to, it's good to know it's possible :) I am so thrilled to receive your package :D Don't forget to write your name on it if you don't want to be an anonymous giver ;) I will try to open as many as I can during my livestreams at I stream 3 times a week, at monday, wednesday and friday around 2/3 PM (CEST) Thank you <3
Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplayWednesday, June 26th, 2019 at 10:12pm
Cubone is almost done! Hopefully in time for CCXP COLOGNE this weekend!

I will be there on SUNDAY and I will have a booth at the cosplay area (meet and greet booth NR2) from 14:00 till 15:00! I will bring prints, books and some dicebags so if you want to grab some Pretzl things be sure to stop by during that hour ;) It's strictly that hour though, because before that and after that, other people will be at that booth.

Can't wait!!!! I hope to see many of you there :3 And have fun together!

On this photo you can see the skull helmet that I made out of foam. I used a pattern that I made myself! And I love how it works!

The skull was primed with PVA primer (Minque) and then painted with black spraypaint and then with a bone shade from Citadel paints (acrylic paint).

The bone club is also made with foam! And it's decorated with some fake leather wraps.

The necklace 'beads' are made with Worbla's Flamered Art (Cast4Art) and painted with acrylics as well :) Not primed, I thought it was smooth enough already.
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Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplayTuesday, June 25th, 2019 at 6:17pm
My Gnar cosplay!

I always love Gnar cosplays, and I really wanted to make one for myself too. Gnar is such a cute (and funny) little guy! However, I didn't want to do the 'typical' bikini style Gnar cosplay, but something that I would enjoy more to wear. So I decided to make my own design for Gnar! And this is how it all turned out! I'm really happy with the result :) And also with this amazing photo that my bf took during Dokomi! It shows the whole costume :D

Some material info ^^ Just so you know where you can get things!
Dreads are made with wool and synthetic hair. (Dreadshop)
Ears and tail are made with fake fur.
The dress was sewn with linnen and mesh fabric (
Corset and skirtflap were made with Craftskin fake leather (Minque )
The prop is made with foam and foamclay
Fangs are made with Worbla's Deco Art pearls (Cast4Art)
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Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplaySaturday, June 22nd, 2019 at 11:16pm
Last weekend I was a judge at the cosplay competition at DreamHack Summer in Sweden! It was such a great experience and all the cosplayers were so amazing :) I truly loved seeing all your costumes and hearing about all the techniques you used! You are a creative bunch out there in Sweden :D Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this :)

The other awesome judges were Tenkou Cosplay and Rake Makes - Cosplay/SFX

The winner of the Master category is Tokah Cosplay (please people, you need to check out her work!)

Big thanks to Marugitto Cosplay for organizing this awesome contest <3

And a huge thanks to Han med kameran for taking these photos of all the contestants on stage AND all the winners together! (Find his amazing cosplay photos on Insta: )
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Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplaySaturday, June 22nd, 2019 at 7:53pm
Ooh!!! A recap video of DreamHack Summer day 2 :)

A short clip of the cosplay contest is in there!
Pretzl Cosplay
DreamHack Summer 2019 - Day 2 Highlights | All the things you missed out on!
Music: Modestep - Summer (Courtesy of Monstercat) Editing: Martin Friberg ( Pontus Jönsson Video: Martin Friberg (http://www.frib...
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Pretzl Cosplay
Pretzl CosplaySaturday, June 22nd, 2019 at 4:24am
During Monaco Anime Game International Conferences last March, the amazing Anastasya Zelenova and I had a short interview about cosplay with Cosplay Mag! And they uploaded it now :D Ah so cool to see it back :) Such great memories to this awesome weekend!
Pretzl Cosplay
Cosplay Mag
Last March, Cosplay Mag was invited during the MAGIC to highlight the event and meet the MICM contest participants ! We had the chance to interview some of them this day, have a look ! (Sous-titres disponibles) ▁ CREDITS Thanks to all the people wet met during Monaco Anime Game International Conferences & Magic International Cosplay Masters Special thanks to : Anastasya Zelenova & Pretzl Cosplay for answering our questions, Shibuya Productions for their trust, Dragipix, Hoax Cosplay and Steeve Li Photography from the Cosplay MAG team for their commitment. Interview produced by Cosplay MAG
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