Moirai armor – Lineage 2Joyce

I remember Lineage II to be the very first MMORPG I ever played and also really loved because the
scenery was so beautiful. I knew that one day I just had to make a costume based in this game. I
decided to create a full armor costume inspired by the beautiful Moirai Armor Set from the game.
This was the first full armor costume I ever made. For the armor I used mostly Thibracast (which is
a blue thermoplastic) and also Worbla’s Finest Art. I am so happy that my sweet boyfriend wanted
to help me with installing all the LED’s in the costume and sword because electricity is not really
my thing. The lights look really awesome. For this costume I also sewed a steel boned corset out of
fake leather.
The studio photo’s were taken by Thibracast. The edited photo was taken by Arian Photography
and edited by Asmeau.